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We currently make up the largest demographic in the country; over 70% of the population. We are a generation of dreamers, of pioneers, individuals full of hopes and passions. We are the most educated generation in our country to date. We are bold, courageous, and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the impossible. We are passionate, we are driven, and above all, we are the harbingers of a bright new future, for ourselves and those around us.

Though we may face challenges along the way, we know that with enough hard work, we can power through them. We do not run away from adversity; we relish the opportunity to test our resolves with it. We are relentless. We are resourceful. And we are ready.

Challenges facing youth in Saudi Arabia


The prevalence of obesity in KSA has reached an all-time-high.
According to the WHO’s upper-bound estimate, in 2014

74.2% of
and 40.1% obese

placing KSA as the second-most obese nation in the world
on the 2015 Social Progress Index.

Road Accidents

KSA’s GDP per capita is similar to high-income countries such as Malta, but road accidents kill five times as many people (27.4 per 100,000), making the Kingdom the worst performer in the rich world

Learning outcome

Compared to other high-income, non-OECD countries, Saudi Arabia scores lower on international education tests (391.4) than similar per capita income countries, such as Bahrain (407.7); Hong Kong (558.1); and UAE (441.2).

Substance abuse

23% of

take some form of drugs

30% of

take some form of drugs

Mental illness

15% of Saudi youth report feeling depressed “always"
40% report “wishing to be dead”
6% have attempted suicide

Financial literacy

Only 31% of the Saudi population are financially literate

Social media vulnerability

48% of Saudi social media users “cannot live without” it

Youth maltreatment

In 2016, the Ministry of Justice received 1,498 domestic violence cases involving women and children.