What we do


Eradah was founded with the vision of being a progressive center of excellence for youth development. We work with public and private sector organizations, as well as with the youth through co-creation methods, to design, manage and evaluate policies, programs, and products that pertain to youth.


Our promise

Eradah promises to continuously work towards our shared vision of tomorrow, where young people are involved and empowered to live their lives to their fullest potential, and lead us into a future filled with endless possibilities of national health, wealth & prosperity.

Staying Young

Employee youth engagement programs

Eradah continuously conducts workshops, focus groups and interviews with youth all across the Kingdom to get their input on these issues, as well as their suggested solutions. To date, we have spoken to almost a thousand youth, and have gathered unprecedented insight into their lives.

How We Do it

For human development to occur, there are three key areas of interdependent relationships which correlate to create positive impact: the mind, body and soul.

Trip around the kingdom

Eradah's team visited 8 major cities in saudi arabia, conducted workshops with youth in each city from 10 am till 12 pm tackling several issues that matter to youth (Obesity, Mental illness, Bullying, and Road safety).